Probe Card Products

Probe cards are used in the testing of Integrated Circuit, Photoelectric Chip, Sensors, Electronic Components, Hybrid Circuit and other testing applications.


Solution: Cantilever
Product: Multi-Site Probe Card
Device: A-001
Probe Material: Rew,W,Becu,NC probe
DUTS: 256
Pin count: 3000+
Work Temperature: (-45 ~ 185)℃


Solution: Cantilever
Product: Shelf Probe Card
Device: F-001
Probe Material: Rew,NC probe
DUTS: Shelf 2X2
Work Temperature: -45 ~ 185℃


Solution: Cantilever
Product: Parametric Probe Card
Device: D-001
Probe Material: Rew
PCB Material: FR4,Polymide,Rogers,Ceramic
Min . Pad size: 35X 35 um
Min . Pitch: 40um
Leakage: 1pA/5V
Work Temperature: Below 150℃


Solution: Cantilever
Product: CIS Special High Tech
Pin counter: 864
Probe Material: Rew
DUTS: 24
Min . Pitch: 100um
MAX . Speed: 2.5GBps
Work Temperature: 50℃


Solution: Cantilever
Size: 300mm
Material: RP7
Pin counter: 1908
Frequency: 2.5Gbps
Pad size: 13×95um
Mini pitch: 22um
PCB: SDA-ND3-HSIF_Universal D/N:S-703-R2


Solution: Cantilever
Size: 300mm
Material: Rew
Pin counter: 2448
Frequency: 2.0Gbps
Mini pitch: 109um

DC Parametric VPC

Solution: 2D MEMS DC Parametric card
Size: 230mm
Material Ni,Co
Diameter: 7-10um
Pitch: 72um
Align: X=2.5um, Y=2um Z=3um
Work Temperature: -40℃ ~ 125℃

Vertical 4 Para

Solution: Vertical Probe Card
Size: 300mm
Pin counter: 13392
Wire Diameter: 50.8um
Pitch: 150um
Tip length 450um


Solution: Vertical Probe Card
Product: Vertical Spring
Device: VS-001
Probe Material: BeCu-AU Plating
DUTS: 4*8
Pin Counts: 3000+
Current Capacity: 0.5A ~ 3A
Work Temperature: -55℃ ~ 125℃


Solution: Vertical Probe Card
Product: Vertical Cobra
Device: VC-001
Probe Material: Pd Alloy
DUTs: 8*8
Pin Counts: 3000+
Work Temperature: -40℃ ~ 110℃

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