Advanced Cantilever Multi-Site Solutions

Probe cards are used in the testing of Integrated Circuit, Photoelectric Chip, Sensors, Electronic Components, Hybrid Circuit and other testing applications.

Advanced Cantilever Multi-site Solutions

Our multi-site probe card is a proven solution for both logic, analog, LCD, CIS, memory and other testing.

  • We are capable of building probe cards up to 256 sites with probe count exceeding 3000 probes;
  • We are capable for building multi-site probe cards with large array sizes and flexible configurations;
  • We simulate the physical probe card building through 2D & 3D model, professional probe card design and numerical analysis design software, which could guarantee the precision and efficiency of the probe card.
  • Diagonal: 1×4 ,1×8, 1×16
  • Shelf: 1×2, 2×2, up to 1×12 in-line
  • Multi-die, Memory/CIS Device, 32DUT, 64DUT, 128DUT, 256DUT

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